Magruder's Wild European-Berkshire heritage breed

Magruder’s Wild European-Berkshire heritage breed

The kitchen is a flurry of activity today as they put their finishing touches on many of the special preparations for this year’s Whole Hog Dinners. This weekend the last of the sausages were made including the zampone and blood sausages.

This year the 2013 Whole Hog menu will feature a roasted pork leg from two different farms. Kicking off the first night, Chef Rhodehamel will be spit-roasting a Red Wattle hog leg from Heritage Foods USA.

The following night, the menu will feature a leg from Mac Magruder‘s great Wild European-Berkshire heritage breed. We’ve been working with Mac’s hogs for the past few years and find this preparation to be one of the very best ways to experience this particular meat.

Thursday through Saturday the menu will feature legs from both producers on alternating nights.

We still have reservations available most nights, but your best options are on Tuesday, February 19th and Thursday, February 21st.

Call 510-547-5356 or reserve online.