We’re ecstatic to receive a pig from Devil’s Gulch for Whole Hog Dinners. Ranch co-owner Mark Pasternak has been raising pork with skill and passion since the 1970s when he bought the West Marin ranch.

Much of the fineness of the meat is owed to the feed. For the last twenty-five years, he’s attributed the health and the flavor of his pork to outdated whole milk from Clover Farms. They also eat organic whole wheat bread, spent brewers grains, waste tortillas, cheese and whey, and produce from local food banks.

His sows come from a variety of breeds: Old Spot, Red Wattles, Duroc, Chester White, Yorkshire, Hampshire, and a few Mangalitsa. His sires are Berkshires, known for their juiciness, flavor, and the wonderful fat marbling in its flesh. The pigs are free to roam, except when the sows are farrowing and lactating (birthing time and the time just after). All in all, it’s an ethical, wholesome system that feels good to take part in.

We’re so happy to be celebrating the beginning of spring with such a beautiful meal!

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