Whole Hog Dinners 2015: The Year of the Cinta
March 3–7

Peter & Mimi Buckley of Front Porch Farm Welcoming the Cinta

Peter & Mimi Buckley of Front Porch Farm with their Cinta pigs.

For centuries, the Cinta Senese, the prized breed of Tuscan pig, had never been found outside of the area around Siena. Almost three years ago, Peter and Mimi Buckley managed to import 21 Cintas into California to their Front Porch Farm for the purpose of breeding. Over time, the stock has grown and the feeding protocols have been refined.

We’ve brought Peter and Mimi’s Cintas into the Oliveto kitchen, where we have been curing and roasting the pigs. We’ve been loving the results.

This year, we’ll be able to feature these wonderful pigs throughout our Whole Hog Dinners, scheduled for March 3–7.

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