Tuesday, February 7, through Friday, February 10


Our thirteenth annual Whole Hog event will soon be here. Over the past twelve years Oliveto’s Whole Hog dinners have become a spectacular array of pork preparations, a delicious extravaganza, but also somewhat excessive, and in recent years much copied and well…very 2007. So Chef Jonah’s decision to narrow the focus and return to a simpler event for this year’s dinners is particularly satisfying to us.

This year we return to the essential idea of the Whole Hog dinners, honoring the old tradition of many farm families in Italy who spent the year fattening a hog in preparation for the winter visit from the traveling butcher, (or norcino) who would slaughter the pig and break it down for all the preparations the family traditionally made to last them throughout the year.

The menu will include many of these simple, rustic preparations of the farmhouse: sausages, chops, roasts, pickles, terrines, prosciutto, ragùs, and so on. (Offerings of offal, and that ultra-western-Italian dish we can’t deprive aficionados of, choucroute garni, will comprise some of the fare in the Cafe downstairs during the event.)

There will still be plenty of extraordinary dishes, with the core of the menu coming from the humble farmhouse and these deeply satisfying and time-honored preparations. We will plan on posting the menu next week but we wanted to alert you to the coming dinners. For the reservations times you want, please reserve online or by phone: 510-547-5356