On the menu for a brief blip this Saturday, six White Leghorn heritage chickens from the awesome people of Heritage Foods USA. We don’t have the exact menu preparation yet, but Chef Rhodehamel will definitely be doing something very special for this rare delivery. If you plan to come in that night, please use the code “there’s a fox in the coop” when you speak to reservationist. Hahahaha. Just kidding. But do let us know that you are interested in ordering the chicken because we will only have twelve portions available.

Erin Fairbanks of Heritage Foods USA had this to say about the important work they are doing to help revive heritage chicken lines and create alternative markets for non-industrial bred chicken:

White Leghorn chicken

White Leghorn chicken

“Heritage Foods USA is proud to announce we are partnering with Frank Reese, the country’s preeminent poultry farmer, to show our customers what real chicken tastes like.

Heritage chickens are breeds that have been around since before the industrial era. Heritage birds grow at a healthy rate, while industry chickens are genetically manipulated to grow at an unnaturally fast rate that can be harmful to the skeletal, cardiovascular, and immune systems of bird.

The White Leghorn chicken was brought to the US from Northern Italy in 1853 and was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s standard of Perfection in 1874. These chickens are fantastic egg layers and known for being active and ambitious. Those raised on Frank Reese’s farm are still able to retain their foraging and productive nature. There are many different varieties of Leghorns, but the remaining non-industrial White variety is only raised by a very small number of breeders.”