Finding ourselves in a bowl of soup.

In Oliveto’s early days, we thought deeply about what an Italian restaurant in America could do – and we found the answer in ribollita, a peasant dish of vegetable soup made hearty with bread. It is nothing fancy and very good. When we serve it, we’re making something dear to us, that expresses who we are.

Ours is not a typical ribollita. It takes its inspiration from the internationally-recognized restaurant Da Delfina, in the hillside town of Artemino, outside of Florence. It’s the kind of place where one might still find buckshot in a dish of grilled pigeon, and it’s no coincidence that Delfina in the Mission christened itself after the same place.

Ribollita is usually made in home kitchens with ingredients one has on hand, and ours is admittedly a bit more lavish. Acme Bakery bread is toasted and added to a vegetable minestraand the whole is seared for extra texture and depth of flavor. A shower of Parmesan, a delicately poached egg, and extra virgin olive oil from Dickson Ranch top it off. Warm and cozy, a bowl of it puts one at ease after a cold day.

Come and try it, and allow us to show you what we truly love. It will be on the menu for a while.

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