I’ll be leaving for Italy in late October and returning on November 16th, I presume, with a load of fine truffles to be served during our annual Truffles Dinners (November 17 – November 20, 2009). This trip is always filled with wonderful twists and turns and we plan on posting brief reports along the way here on the Oliveto Community Journal.

From the memory-lane-archives we’ve compiled a brief reel of Oliveto truffle stories covered by local and national television news networks over the past twelve years. Giorgio, the truffle hunter featured in many of the clips, has been a constant companion from the beginning. His knowledge and good humor, along with the hospitality and the warmth of his family, make this trip about much more than finding truffles and are the real reason I return year after year. Also of note: the six-week-old truffle pup shown in my pocket licking a truffle was named “Piccolo Bob”. Could there be a greater honor?

Truffle Dinners 2009

November 17th – November 20th

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