truffles on stump

It’s still ten days or so before I move from the “just looking” phase into truffle acquisition, but here’s what we know so far: the truffles this year are very good, but not plentiful. Despite fewer truffles, prices are dramatically lower than they have been in recent years due to less demand and also many truffles coming from outside Italy. This is not a new phenomenon, over 12 years ago the joke going around ended with, “those are Alba…anian truffles.”

We had a good soaking recently and more rain coming. All good news.

Today is a travel day for me. I’m currently on a train to Naples, and will take a ferry to Catania later tonight where I’ll be visiting Biondi, a winery on Mount Etna. They have a wonderful day planned for me & I’ll be taking some video as well.

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