26th Annual Tomato Dinners
Tuesday through Friday, September 13-16, 2016

We often hear that Tomato Dinners are the most cherished of our special dinners. After 25 years, we thought perhaps a retrospective might be in order – Oliveto’s Greatest Hits, the Tomato Edition.

We dug into our archives and found plenty of classics. Paul Bertolli’s iconic “12 ways of Looking at Tomatoes” from 2001 included:

… as essence
Timbale of tomatoes and green beans, gelatina of tomato water, herb salad
… as container
Dry Farmed Tomatoes with three stuffings
… as complement
Fresh corn cake with ‘Valencia’ tomato sauce 

It’s spectacular food that’s become part of the canon – and for good reason, too. But food has changed, and creativity remains our ruling ethic and driving force. Chef Jonah and the kitchen want to do things that are truly exciting and new.

So, in the end, these past menus are inspiring Jonah to move past traditional methods and employ more unusual ones. We’ll be:

  • roasting them to raisins for a concentrated tomato risotto;
  • sculpting them into petals for a gratinata; and
  • transmuting them to ice for a savory granita made from tomato water, accompanied by razor clams.

Craziness, right? There will still be plenty of pop gems – the classic spaghetti all’amatriciana will be one. Currently, Chef Jonah is putting the finishing touches on the full menu, which we will send to you very soon.