MENU for Tomato Dinners 2017

September 12 through 16


Tasting of best-of-season tomatoes

Salad of tomato, Cherry Bomb peppers, and melon with Serpentine cucumber gelée

Crudo of dry-aged Magruder beef with sun-dried tomatoes, green coriander, and ricotta salata cheese

Cruda of bigeye tuna and tomato with squash blossom pesto and anise hyssop

Soup:  tomato and strawberry gazpacho with roast pepper salsa


Fried green tomatoes with yogurt, peaches, summer truffle vinaigrette, and fresh herbs

Wood-grilled flatbread with burrata cheese, Early Girl tomato, and basil

Roman-style tomato-braised tripe with Pecorino cheese


Spaghetti all’amatriciana

Cappelletti of house-made ricotta and basil in tomato consommé

Brentwood corn gnocchetti with cherry tomatoes, roast corn, and lemon verbena

Pappardelle with tomato leaf pesto, concentrated tomatoes, and ricotta salata

Acquerello Carnarolli risotto with green tomato, bay scallops, and fennel pollen

Rigatoni with spicy polpettiniarrabbiata, and Pecorino cheese


Roast lamb with marinated tomatoes, yellow Romano beans, and mint salsa verde

Chicken and lobster sausage with Brentwood corn, celeriac, and green tomato salsa

Tomato-braised beef short rib with Swiss chard, barley, and tomato mostarda

Rosa Bianca eggplant sformatino with roast summer squash, Gypsy peppers, and tomato sugo

Roast-tomato brodetto with hook-and-line caught snapper, Oregon bay shrimp, octopus, and grilled crostone

The menu is à la carte

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