Oliveto's pig roast at the Rockridge Out & About Festival 2008

Oliveto’s pig roast at the Rockridge Out & About Festival 2008

Next Sunday, September 27th, Oliveto will be participating is the annual Rockridge Out & About Street Festival. This is a really nice event with many activities for both kids and adults, and lots of great stuff to eat.

About fifteen years ago, we decided to roast a pig for the Out & About Festival and make porchetta sandwiches…and we’ve never been able to live that one down. We’ve tried to change it up a few times & got nothing but sad clowns walking around in a daze looking for “the pig.” So we’ve learned to stick with what we know best & give the people what they want. We’ve also learned that people really like porchetta sandwiches, and one pig just won’t do. So, this year we’ll be roasting two whole pigs & serving porchetta sandwiches. But be warned, even with two pigs we usually sell out, so don’t come rolling in around 5:30 looking for “the pig” because all you’ll find left will be some cute kid licking his fingers.

Rockridge Out & About 2009
Sunday, September 27th
11 am – 6 pm