McCormack Ranch Lambs

McCormack Ranch Lambs

Last week, the Oliveto kitchen was excited to receive three 40-lb spring lambs from Jeannie McCormack of McCormack Ranch. They arrived wrapped in cheesecloth (the traditional manner) and have been hanging for almost a week, which has slightly dried and aged the meat for a lovely sear and excellent flavor. Tonight they are ready to be served. Sous Chef Vince describes them as “fabulous” and “the most beautifully treated animals” he’s seen.

Starting tonight and available until Saturday
(three nights only, or until we run out) the Oliveto dinner menu will feature
a combo-plate of three different lamb dishes,
served with Community Grains Red Flint Floriani Polenta:

McCormack Ranch Lamb Chop

Rolled Lamb Roast
Lamb loin and tenders, rolled with lamb fat, spit-roasted and sliced

Involtino di Cavolo
Lamb ragù, rice, and potatoes in a cabbage leaf “bun”

McCormack Ranch has been raising sheep and goats the right way since 1896. They are grass-fed, range free on their pastures along the Sacramento River, never given hormones or antibiotics, and humanely handled with low-stress methods. We are thrilled to work with such excellently raised animals.

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