Photo courtesy of Magruder Ranch

A yearling ram has come in from our favorite grass-fed animal supplier, Magruder Ranch in Potter Valley. These yearlings are just the best lamb we know of. Chef Jonah’s making a triple delight with roast porterhouse, a traditional Merguez sausage, and an olive-crusted chop. Accompanied by long-cooked Walla Walla onions, Fava beans, and salmoriglio (a condiment of lemon, garlic, and herbs), it’s an earthy, sumptuous dish that showcases the true flavor of this prized meat.

Magruder Ranch is a fifth-generation ranch known for its die-hard approach to grass-fed meat. Lambs are born on pasture and are fattened on it under the careful watch of sheepdogs like Buddy, pictured above.

We’ll be serving Magruder lamb through the weekend, or until we run out. Stop in and try it with a delicate glass of nebbiolo from our extensive list.

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