Due of Magruder lamb: spit-roasted loin and chop with coal-roasted eggplant purée, Serpentine cucumbers, and marinated cherry tomatoes

You’ll be hearing a lot about fish as we gear up for Oliveto’s 12th Annual Oceanic Dinners, but this season is not special only for the great surf — the turf is fabulous right now too, thanks to our friend Mac Magruder.

First, he’s supplied us with marvelous Suffolk cross-breed sheep again; these are big yearling animals with tender meat and great flavor. Tonight through the weekend, they’re on the menu as a due: spit-roasted loin, served alongside a good-sized pan-roasted chop (these were not small animals!), with coal-roasted eggplant purée.

Then we have Mac’s amazing grass-fed beef. Chef Jonah gets the entire animal delivered, dry-ages it in our meat locker, and cuts off sections as they reach their peak to ensure highest quality. Our current beef delivery has been dry-aged for three weeks — here’s what we’re expecting on the grill: flank tonight, tenderloin by Friday, and ribeye for the weekend.

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