Spit-roasted leg of lamb with pancettawrapped Zebra tomatoes and Fava beans sott’olio

Pancetta wrapped Zebra tomatoes served with Spit-roasted leg of lamb

As we move into autumn the Oliveto menu is in one of its most vibrant and exciting transitions of the year, where we’re still seeing boatloads of tomatoes, beans and peppers but also beets, chicories, and a wider variety of whole animals.

We’re getting a jump start on Goatober this weekend when we’ll receive our first goat of the season from Heritage Foods USA (HFUSA), a meat distribution company dedicated to preserving endangered breeds. In 2011 they developed the No Goat Left Behind program, which Oliveto participated in to great success.

Heritage goat will be on the menu for one night only: we’ll be spit-roasting the whole animal tomorrow, Friday, September 28th.

At the same time,we’ve received more of Magruder Ranch’s incredible lamb and some fabulous Guinea hen from Tres Sabores which are both on the current menu and will remain on the menu through the weekend:

Spit-roasted leg of lamb with pancetta wrapped Zebra tomatoes and Fava beans sott’olio

Pan-roasted Guinea hen breast with Guinea hen sausage, salt-roasted Chioggia
beets and their greens, and pepper sugo