The 2014 white shrimp season got off to a late start, but is now in full swing and catches are looking robust. Although “debate about the best wild Southern shrimp is intense,” these are some of the most flavorful shrimp we’ve ever tasted and when they become available its always minor cause for a celebration in the kitchen.

Chef Rhodehamel has had Georgia white shrimp on the menu in a classic pasta dish but with the appearance of beautiful Manila clams this week he wanted to create something special for them. Almost a soup, this antipasti has enough rich, spicy sauce for bread dipping, and yet the sweetness of these shrimp still shine through. A hearty rustic dish. Currently on the menu:

Pan-seared Georgia white shrimp and Manila clams with spicy tomato brodo and crostino


Spaghetti neri with Georgia white shrimp, garlic, and tomato