Lobster Mushrooms courtesy of master forager, Connie Green

Lobster mushrooms from master forager, Connie Green

Every few months we receive a beseeching phone call, or email, or handwritten note tucked into a check presenter, from an individual asking us to notify them when tripe is on the menu. Often times, the notes are written in all-caps and “please” is underlined three or four times. They will include a phone number, or an email address, or a physical mailing address, or sometimes all three. Certain regulars have asked us to add “please call when tripe is on the menu” to their OpenTable profiles. At times, we have seriously considered creating an email list option specifically for tripe notification.

So if you happen to be one of those diehard tripe aficionados, without further ado, this one’s for you:

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, August 23rd, TRIPE IS ON THE MENU!!! AND it will be served with those beautiful lobster mushrooms pictured above, foraged by renowned mushroom whisperer Connie Green:

Brasato of tripe with lobster mushrooms and saffron

Aaaaand….as if it could get any better: we’ve added a ‘Tripe Notification’ option to our email list. (If you are already a member of our email list, you’ll have re-enter your email address & submit it again to update your profile).