The kitchen is getting its first look at this year’s truffle haul. Bob brought back these beauties from Umbria which should take us through the first night of Oliveto’s Truffle Dinners, starting next week. But never fear, we have a lot more truffles.

As we reported earlier, this year’s white truffles are scarce, which means they’re commanding meaning higher prices. We’ve become adept at working the truffle market by reading its driving forces: the moon, rainfall, and the numerous truffle fairs. And this this year there was a new player, the Russians, who were buying up everything! But never fear, we’ve got you covered.

The menu will also have a nice spattering of black truffles from Burgundy. Reservations are full to the brim on Friday, November 16th, but there’s still availability Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. The full menu will be posted here on Monday.