Every restaurant has a rhythm. And any restaurant that manages to keep its doors open doesn’t have a lot of down time, but there’s varying types of intensity: planning, innovation, tedium, stress, exhaustion, and celebration. For us, after just finishing our ambitious Whole Hog dinner, followed by Valentine’s Day (both huge efforts), there is an exhale, and then a, “what’s next?”


So, the morning after here at Oliveto:

–Fifteen pancetta being beaten for tenderizing, and salted for curing–soon, all over the menu.

–And, we’re beginning to see spring, mixed in with the baby turnips, kale and wild mushrooms are baby artichokes, green garlic and spring onions.

-But then there’s also the Monterey Bay spot prawns, Dungeness crab, Jones Farm rabbit and great pork. Not so bad.