Pacific Razor Clams
Image courtesy of Tom Collins

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
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Below is Chef Jonah’s menu for Oceanic Dinners, nearly completed. A few items will of course, at the last minute, be replaced by some unanticipated catch. And then with this week’s preliminary preparations of the dishes, some changes will ensue, as new ideas are incorporated.

Crudi (raw)
Crudo of bigeye tuna with hazelnut milk, harissa verde, and pickled apple
Lightly torched king salmon with white peaches and jalapeño
Crudo of charred bonito with Santa Rosa plums, malted wheat berries,
green coriander, and bottarga
Carpaccio of house-smoked swordfish with Sicilian pine nut salsa, new
potatoes, and mint

Salad of Dungeness crab with braised kombu, yuzu-melon vinaigrette,
and baby fennel
Local sand dab in saor with Chanterelle mushrooms
Crochetta of baccalà with Calabrian chili aïoli
Savory cannoli of king salmon with mascarpone, salmon roe, and lemon
Brasato of cod tripe and Cannellini beans with artichoke and hot pepper
Soup:  ajo blanco–white gazpacho of almonds and garlic with pickled mackerel
and spring onions

Parisian gnocchi with smoked trout and its roe, kefir, dill, and arugula pesto
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with squid ink, razor clams, and ricotta salata
Linguine with Dungeness crab, Meyer lemon, and Genovese basil
Tortelli of lobster with Brentwood corn, mascarpone, and fines herbes
Spaghetti alla carbonara with sea urchin

Fig leaf-grilled petrale sole with Costata Romanesco squash crema, Brent-
wood corn, and squash blossom spumante
Olive-oil poached Alaskan halibut with Japanese eggplant purée
Charcoal-grilled octopus with black-eyed peas, peperonata, and salmoriglio
Cioppino of local fish and shellfish with saffron aïoli and grilled crostino
Charcoal-grilled pancetta-wrapped sardines alla livornese with roast fennel
and Bianco di Maggio onions

Without the assistance and support of Tom Worthington of Monterey Fish Market, a sea-based event as ambitious as this one would be impossible. Founded nearly 40 years ago by Paul Johnson, Monterey Fish’s decades of experience and unyielding commitment to sustainable fishermen enable it to source fresh, sustainably caught fish from great distances as well as locally. As the people who talk both to fishermen and chefs daily, Monterey Fish has also acquired enormous collective knowledge
on cooking fish.

So thanks to Tom and the team at Monterey Fish, Oliveto’s Chef Jonah Rhodehamel can source this incredible variety of seafood and gather any information he needs, to put together the above, nearly completed, menu. They’re the reason why, on June 27, the most amazingly fresh, beautiful fish available will be delivered, glistening, to our back door.

Tom Worthington
Image courtesy of SF Weekly

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