Valentine’s Day Menu–2019


Stuzzichino: Parmesan cheese gougèreswith Perigord truffle mousse
Consomméof Liberty Farms duck
Antipastoof Maine lobster with blood orangegelée, fennel, andfines herbes
Acquerello Carnaroli risottoof Black Trumpet mushrooms and
Perigord truffle
Ravioliof sunchoke and beets withvin santo, apple, and 108-month-agedParmigiano Reggiano cheese
Pan-roasted black sea bass with celeriac, Lacinato kale, and Osetra
caviar spumante
Roast Liberty Farms duck with Perigord truffle sausage, barley,
Seville orange, and sugo
Dessert selections tba

95. per person
A 20% pre-tax Service Charge will be added.

This Just In: The Season’s Frist Asparagus

The First of the Spring Asparagus is in the Kitchen

A quick note to herald in the changing of seasons. The asparagus this early spring are particularly sweet and delicious. They’re grown in the Salinas Valley, supplied to us by long trusted farmer Martin Bournhonesque. The season came 10 days early this year. Martin thinks that the proximity to the sea is in part responsible for their flavor.

“Sparrow Grass”, as it was commonly called in England, has been eaten by humans for centuries. Originally found growing wild, there are records of it from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Highly nutritious and low in calories, these perennial spears were cultivated for their gastronomic, medicinal, and even aphrodisiacal virtues.

We’re serving them simply, blanched and sautéed with olive oil.

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Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu 2018

Valentine’s Day Dinner 2018

We googled Saint Valentine to see if there was
anything worth writing about. Turns out there really
isn’t, but we think you’ll like this menu.

Kushi oyster with blood orange gelée and shiso


Parfait of Dungeness crab, winter citrus, and avocado
Soup:  vellutata of wild mushrooms with Perigord truffle crema


Tortelli di zucca with crumbled Amaretti cookies, brown butter,
and sage
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto of Maine lobster with fines herbes and
Pecorino Romano cheese



Butter-poached Maine lobster with celeriac crema, Black Trumpet
mushrooms, and smoked trout roe spumante


Due of Liberty Farms duck:  breast and sausage with rainbow chard
and Seville orange mostarda


Choice of desserts.  tba


Prix Fixe Menu

95. per person

A 20% pre-tax Service Charge will be added.


Reserve Online or Call 510.547.5356

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Valentine’s Day Menu

Treat yourself and your loved ones! Chef Jonah’s menu for Valentine’s day consists of four courses of indulgent delights: truffles, crab, Chanterelles, lobster. Hearts will beat wildly, cares soothed away, and love, hopefully, will grow.


Stuzzichino: Perigord truffle and Parmesan cheese gougère

Salad of Dungeness crab, winter citrus, and avocado


Soup: vellutata of Chanterelle mushrooms with essence of Madeira

Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with Perigord truffles and Fontina Val d’Aosta cheese


Saffron chitarra pasta with Maine lobster, fines herbes, and bergamot

Liberty Farms duck two ways with Medjool date-studded gratinata and Calvados sugo


Pan-roasted black sea bass with Black Trumpet mushroom crema, salsify, and spumante

Devil’s food chocolate cake with hazelnut filling, chocolate frosting, and vanilla ice cream


Passionfruit tart of passionfruit curd, shortbread crust, raspberry meringues, and toasted meringue



A 20% Pre-Tax Service Charge Will Be Added

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This Just In: Truffles


We brought in these French black truffles for our Valentine’s Day menu, and their perfume has moved us to serving them sooner. They are a highlight of our current menu, where they appear in a dish of house-made tajarin pasta alongside yellowfoot chanterelles and butternut squash. The whole is bathed in brown butter.

We will be serving these beauties for the next few days as we ramp up for the weekend. Our prix-fixe Valentine’s Day menu will be served from Friday through Sunday.

Call 510-537-5356 or reserve online

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Valentine’s Day Menu


Our Valentine’s Day menu is for the true romantic – rhapsodical, endearing as a Gershwin tune.  If you’d rather escape the Sunday throngs, this prix-fixe menu is also available on Friday and Saturday as well.


Stuzzichino: Perigord truffle and Parmesan cheese gougère with truffled quail egg

Soup: vellutata of Miyagi oysters with horseradish essence
Salad of Dungeness crab and winter citrus with Hass avocado and anise

Acquerello Carnaroli risotto of Perigord truffles and Castelmagno cheese
Tajarin: Piedmontese egg pasta with crispy sweetbreads, Maine lobster, and Marsala

Roast filet of Piedmontese beef with creamed spinach, bone marrow, and sugo
Roast black sea bass with salsify crema, saffron-scented fregola, and bass Bordelaise

Layered torta of almond-beet cake, almond meringata, and bittersweet chocolate ganache with goat cheese ice cream, fried almonds, and rosemary caramel
Honey panna cotta with Meyer lemon granita, toasted oat crumb, chamomile-lemon pâte de fruit, and caramelized honey

per person

Call (510) 547-5356 or reserve online

Please notify us at time of reservation of any food allergies or restrictions.

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Valentine’s Day menu announced

We’re very proud of the way our renovation turned out–elegant, comfortable and, even on a busy night like Valentine’s Day dinner, you’ll actually be able to hear what your sweetie is saying. Chef Jonah has put a prix fixe menu together that we’ll be serving in the dining room on Saturday, February 14. We know that it can be hard to get a table, so we’d like to remind you to make your plans early.

Friday and Sunday nights are also great options for dinner if you’d rather stay in on Valentine’s Day itself. We’ll be serving some celebratory dishes à la carte on those nights as well.


Valentine’s Day Menu

Kusshi oyster with various toppings

choice of:
Chilled ocean consommé with sea urchin, Osetra caviar, smoked bay scallop, and sea vegetation
Salad of Dungeness crab, Bibb lettuce, and blood orange with fines herbes vinaigrette

choice of:
Risotto with Périgord truffles
Triangoli of celeriac with sweetbreads and old aceto balsamico

choice of:
Butter-poached Maine lobster with Acquerello riso and bergamot spumante
Liberty Farms duck with sformato of Butternut squash, saba-glazed chestnuts, and watercress

Desserts to be announced.

$85. prix fixe

Call 510-547-5356 or reserve online

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Menu for St. Valentine’s Day 2013

Thursday, February 14


Stuzzichino: Kushi oyster with American sturgeon caviar and Prosecco gelatina

Vellutata of Maine lobster with vanilla crema
Carpaccio of Piedmontese beef filet with Perigord truffles

Carnaroli risotto with Perigord truffle butter
Tortelloni of Castelmagno cheese and house-made ricotta with candied
walnuts and honey

Pan-roasted Liberty Farms duck breast with potato-duck leg hash
Butter-poached Maine lobster with celeriac puree, green apples, and young
celery romoulade

Sorbetto pre-dessert

Dessert: to be announced

~ 95. prix fixe ~

+ tax and 18% service charge

wine pairings will be available

corkage $25

Call to reserve: 510-547-5356

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St. Valentine’s Day 2012 Dinner Menu


Tuesday, February 14th

Kushi oyster with Prosecco gelée and blood orange

First Course:
Brodetto of lobster with bergamot crema
Antipasto of roast wild mushrooms and root vegetables

Second Course:
Tortelli of Castelmagno cheese with red lupin honey and candied walnuts

Pan-roasted duck breast (accompaniment TBD)
Pan-roasted seas bass (accompaniment TBD)


$85. per person

Wine paring available.

Corkage $25.

Reservations with credit card ONLY


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