Black Truffles Are On


We’ve buttoned up our winter coats and slipped on our wool socks, and winter ingredients blanket our menu with coziness and riches:
  • Black truffles are on, gracing our Yukon Gold gnocchi with fonduta Val D’Aosta
  • The rains have brought us chanterelles, which we are offering in an utterly lovely agnolotti dal plin with Chanterelle mushroom crema and white truffle butter
We are still prepping a lavish New Year’s Eve menu and looking forward to Christmas goose! Now is a great time to secure your reservation.
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Aged Wines, Truffle Prices, and Truffles for Home


Truffles Prices Are In

We hate it when we’re shaving $12/gram truffles at our dinners. We’ve long rejected the common $14 to $20/gram approach. It’s not as fun.

But because these dinners are something of an institution, and diners come in ready to have at them, we sell a lot of truffles. And, we can bring the price down.

We’re happy to share the good news: truffles will be a somewhat modest $8 per gram for our Truffle Dinners. You can also purchase them to take home — email us ( if you are interested!

Pre-Order Aged Wine for Truffle Dinners

We were really blown away by these very well aged wines from our recent Bruno Giacosa dinner. These aged Barolos and Barbarescos are the very best wines to drink with white truffles, as they come from the same region of northern Italy. Delicious, profound, and utterly stunning,  the following are currently available from our collection:

Barbaresco, Santo Stefano, Giacosa 1979 — 425.
Barbaresco, Asili, Riserva Giacosa,  2000 — 650.
Barbaresco, Bricco Asili, Ceretto, 1985 — 270.
Barbaresco, Podere del Pajore, Giovanni Moresco, 1979 — 295.
Barbaresco, Montefico, Riserva Produttori, 1978 — 240.
Barbaresco, Asili, Riserva Produttori del Barbaresco, 1982 — 330.
Barolo, Villero, Giuseppe Mascarello, 1978 — 320.
Barolo, Ceretto Brunate, 1978 — 425.

**These must be purchased in advance, so we can prepare them and let them breathe for 6-8 hours before your dinner. In order to arrange for one of these spectacular wines, please email **


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The Menu for Next Week’s Truffle Dinners


Tajarin al burro.

We’re eagerly awaiting next Tuesday, when Truffle Dinners begin, the alluring scent of truffles floats through the air, and throughout the room little swoons can be heard from rapturous diners, as Chef Jonah’s menu for this dinner is always heavenly. It will be a delicious comfort after this week’s sad news.

Truffle prices are soon to come, which we think will be moderate — we’ll keep you posted!

Dinners for Truffles & Autumn Mushrooms
November 15-19, 2016


Antipasti and salads

Carne cruda of Magruder beef ricotta salata and shaved, truffled egg yolk
Salad of shaved Brussels sprouts, bagna cauda, Parmesan cheese, and breadcrumbs
Salad of roast autumn vegetables with Delicata squash and pistachios
Crudo of bay scallops with Hachiya persimmon, crispy lardo, and Moroccan olives
Garden lettuces vinaigrette

Crostino of fonduta Val d’Aostana
Sformatino of Porcini mushrooms and Parmesan cheese
Salad of warm lamb’s tongue, crispy sweetbreads, and Marble potatoes with black
truffle vinaigrette
Soup: vellutata of cauliflower and celeriac with brown butter and hazelnut pesto

Tajarin al burro
Duck egg raviolo with brown butter, fried sage, and Parmesan cheese
Agnolotti dal plin of rabbit and Fontina Val d’Aosta
Tortelli di zucca with Amaretto butter and spiced pumpkin seeds
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with Castelmagno cheese and roast poultry sugo
Ravioli of parsley root and bone marrow with cured truffled egg yolk
Whole grain Desert King Durum trompetti with wild mushroom ragù

Butter-poached Maine lobster with roast Kabocha squash, Swiss chard, and brandy
Cauliflower two ways: budino and “couscous” with Pecorino cheese fonduta and a
poached farm egg
Charcoal-grilled, dry-aged Magruder ribeye with wild mushrooms, roast garlic crema,
and sugo
Charcoal-grilled Paine Farm pigeon with Yukon Gold potato purée, Walla Walla onion
agrodolce, and walnut salsa
Charcoal-grilled chicken boudin blanc with Savoy cabbage, barley, and poultry sugo
Spit-roasted pork loin involtino of hazelnuts, sage, and nettles with Floriani red flint corn
polenta, Nantes carrots, and green peppercorn sugo

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The Trouble with Truffle Travel


When the restaurant began, San Francisco was really getting crapola truffles. They were flown to New York, picked over, and then sent here. So it wasn’t hard to come up with the idea of bringing them in ourselves — the truffles were really that poor.

So every year I went to Italy, in part to supply our Truffle Dinners. We ended up with really good relationships and superior truffles with very good prices — which we continue to enjoy, despite the fact that last year and this year, I’ve been unable to go, due to my responsibilities with Community Grains. It’s truly been heart wrenching because it’s something I love. I love seeing my friends. I love the adventure. I’ve been doing it for years so I’ve formed my own intimate relationship with Italy.

But amongst all the things I love and am missing, there are things that I’m not going to miss. I don’t miss getting into spats with Italian customs inspectors; I don’t miss having to get off the plane after spying my truffles abandoned on the tarmac (having been ordered off by the pilot, who feared, due to their smell, that my baggage contained illicit substances); I don’t miss worrying that I won’t be able to get back in time for Truffle Dinners.

Getting on a plane from Italy with my pricy quarry was something I learned to meet with trepidation. But still, there is nothing like going on a truffle hunt with very good friends, prying golden truffles from deep within the earth. And when Truffle Dinners roll around, and the aroma of truffles — as good as ever — rise from my plate, so will my memories of all the things I love about Italy.

We look forward to seeing you for Truffle Dinners!

Annual Truffle Dinners
November 15-19, 2016

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Food for Cooler Days | Truffles Cometh



A bounty of truffles.

Our Annual Truffle Dinners dates are set – reserve for November 15th through the 19th! Here’s our early report for Italy’s truffle regions: Very warm summer, with good rains in September.  It’s the rains in September we like to see – we should be fine for truffles this year.

Food for Cooler Days

Summer’s in its final innings – we’ll see tomatoes and fennel flowers dwindle away when the rains come. The kitchen’s transitioning into cool weather food. Right now, our best pre-hibernation dishes are:

  • Tortelloni of house-made ricotta and Fontina cheeses with brown butter, Delicata squash, hazelnuts, and sage
  • Charcoal-grilled dry-aged Magruder sirloin with gremolata rustica, longcooked onions, roast mushrooms, and old aceto balsamico
  • Warm apple tarte Tatin with cinnamon ice cream, whipped crème fraîche, and candied walnut
  • In our cafe downstairs, Community Grains red flint Floriani polenta is back.
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Truffles for Home


We’re passing along the surplus of white truffles from our amazing truffle dinners to you! We’re selling our truffles at an agreeable price of $220/ounce. They would make for a swoon-worthy Thanksgiving table and do wonders for mashed potatoes and stuffing.


Please call us to place an order!
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The Menu For Our Truffle Dinners

We think the seductive scent of truffles will send you nearer to heaven if you’re not weighted down by cost. We’re trying to price our white truffles reasonably, at around $9/gram.


On the menu, we’ll have black Burgundians and wild mushrooms, and, most importantly, an abundance of pale beauties from northern Italy.


Annual Truffle Dinners
November 17-21, 2015



Antipasti and salads

Crudo of Magruder beef with Chalk Hill olio nuovo, Lobster mushroom, white truffle aïoli, and Parmesan cheese
Roast autumn vegetables with bagna cauda classica and Pecorino Fiore Sardo cheese
Terrina of pigeon with grilled crostino and pickled onions
Salad of salt-roasted beets, truffled yogurt, hazelnuts, and Treviso radicchio
Cured duck liver with vanilla-poached quince and house-made brioche
Crudo of fluke with Castelvetrano olive, lemon, and Sicilian pine nut salsa
Garden lettuces vinaigrette

Farm egg “toad in the hole” with frisée and house-smoked bacon
Sformatino of Parmesan cheese with black truffle Spumante
Grilled octopus with pickled root vegetables and black truffle
Charcoal-grilled crostino of fonduta Val d’Aosta
Panzanella of wilted chicories with roast bone marrow and balsamic vinaigrette
Vellutata of celeriac with Ft. Bragg sea urchin

Tajarin al burro
Raviolo of house-made ricotta and farm egg yolk with brown butter and Parmesan cheese
Tule Farms Patwin wheat gnochetti with anchovy crema, garlic, and black truffle
Cavatelli with bay scallops, haricots verts, Black Trumpet mushrooms, and breadcrumbs
Lambrusco risotto with roast Tropea onions, Maitake mushrooms, and rosemary
Agnolotti dal plin with Gorgonzola Piccante fonduta and sage
Whole grain conchiglie with Madeira-duck liver crema, Delicata squash, and pistachios

Beef tenderloin à la Rossini with duck liver, Yukon Gold potato, and truffle sugo
Truffle-studded chicken rolata with onion crema, wild mushroom duxelles, and saba
Pancetta-wrapped rabbit with roast chestnuts, Chanterelle mushrooms, and old aceto balsamico
Pan-roasted Alaskan halibut with celeriac two ways, Cipolline onions agrodolce, and Marcona almonds
Potato-wrapped Paine Farm pigeon with roast apple, malted wheat berries, and truffle condiment
Budino of roast cauliflower with Pecorino cheese, elephant garlic, and Maitake mushroom
Charcoal-grilled, dry-aged, Magruder bone-in ribeye with creamed nettles, roast potatoes, and sugo (for two)

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More truffles in December!

Truffle guy_400

Our annual truffle dinner just ended, and the event was a huge success. As we told you last month, this fall was a banner year for truffles — their quantity and quality are out of this world. In fact, we’re so in love with this year’s truffles that we’re going to have two truffle dinner revivals: December 11–13 and December 19–21.

We’ll be featuring three truffle dishes on this menu. Last month’s mortar and pestled truffles were such a hit, we’re bringing those back. The white truffles will be ground up with fresh, piquant olio nuovo and then slathered on grilled beef vitello. In addition, we’ll be serving truffle spumante alongside a poached egg topped duck confit-potato hash cake as well as a tajarin with sage butter and, of course, plenty of truffles!

But this truffle dinner isn’t the whole story. We’ll also be continuing to shave truffles over all of our menu items for the entire month of December.

Make your reservations for next week’s truffle dinner soon. Seats will go quickly!

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A Banner Year for Truffles


Lots of rain followed by heat in northern Italy, meaning an abundance of white truffles. Meaning criminally low prices. Meaning the 2014 Truffle Dinners are officially extending to a fifth night on Saturday. Meaning truffles upstairs and downstairs. Truffles in cocktails. Truffles mortared, pestled, and slathered. Truffles on pizzas. Meaning truffles on everything and everyone.

Meaning truffles will continue to pop up on the menu throughout the month of December. Check the daily menu for more up-to-date cameo appearances.

510-547-5356 or reserve online

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