New Year’s Eve 2014


Stuzzichini: tartufati

Choice of:
of lobster with vanilla-orange zabaglione
Torchon of duck liver with old aceto balsamico and poached pear
Antipasto of roasted winter vegetables with Castelmagno cheese

Choice of:
with Dungeness crab, lemon, and tarragon
Tortelli di zucca with brown butter and amaretti cookies
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with optional white truffles shaved table side

(second seating only)
Local Dungeness crab cake with white truffle aïoli

Choice of:
Pan-roasted sea bass with salsify crema, malted wheat berries, roast carrots, and old aceto balsamico
Liberty Farms duck three ways: pan-roasted breast, sausage, and confit-riso nero arancini; rainbow kale and kumquat sugo
Piedmontese beef Wellington with Chanterelle mushrooms, creamed nettles, and black truffle sugo

Gianduja with smoked creme anglaise
Acquerello rice pudding with slow roasted pineapple

Early Seating
5pm – 6pm

Late Seating
7:45pm – 10pm

Phone reservations ONLY 510-547-5356

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New Year’s Eve at Oliveto


The panini tartufati of Procacci in Florence

Most nights at Oliveto, we offer large menus with many choices. New Year’s Eve is a rare opportunity for the Chef to put together a prix fixe menu which combines earthiness and elegance, celebration and deliciousness, and a logic to bind the meal together (perhaps evocative of a place or time). We asked Chef Jonah Rhodehamel what we should do for New Year’s Eve.


The Inspiration
On this year’s trip to Italy, we brought back a good quantity of truly exceptional white truffles for our November truffle dinners. They were so fresh that the one or two we’d saved for friends who were out of town, are still fairly pungent and healthy. Impressed by the quality of this year’s truffles, Chef Jonah decided to save some of them for our New Year’s Eve dinner by employing the best way to preserve their initial potency: he mortared them, combined them with sweet creamery butter, then froze them.


The panini tartufati of Procacci, Florence’s beautiful old food shop, are little brioche sandwiches filled with truffle butter. This became the starting point from which Chef Jonah began to devise a menu. To the panini he added risotto alla Milanese, and, of course, if you’re going to serve risotto alla milanese, then you’ve got to also serve osso buco.

The Specs:

Early seating
5:00 to 6:30
Panini tartufati and three courses:
with wine pairings $130.

Late seating
7:30 to 10:00
Panini tartufati and four courses (scallops course added)
with wine pairings $155.

Phone reservations ONLY

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New Year’s Eve 2010

special thanks for photo from Jay Tyrrell

special thanks for use of photo to Jay Tyrrell

New Year’s Venetian Menu

To start:
Salad of Rossa di Verona radicchio, Fuyu persimmon,
Castelmagno cheese, and aceto balsamico


For Second seating only:
Primo piatto – choice of:
Marinated Nantucket Bay scallops with Kishu mandarins and Florence fennel
Farm egg in carrozza with black truffles and celery root


Pasta – choice of:
Red winter wheat bigoli with Liberty Farms goose ragù
Rugosa squash gnocchi with sage brown butter


Main course – choice of:
Spit-roasted strip loin of Magruder grass-fed beef with Red Flint
corn polenta and Lacinato kale
Pan-roasted Quinault River steelhead with parsnips, fennel, and
steelhead caviar


Dessert – choice of:
Tangerine-Prosecco sgroppino in an almond tuile gondola with
crème anglaise, blood orange sauce, and gilded chocolate
Surprise dessert


Two seatings: late $ 95. early $ 80.

Early seating menu does not include Primo piatti course

Please call to reserve: 510-547-5356

Meanwhile, The Cafe downstairs will be open New Year’s Eve, serving a light à la carte Cafe menu throughout the night. We do not take reservations in the Cafe. We will be adding some special, celebratory dishes including:

wild mushroom cannelloni
braised pork with Floriani Red Flint corn polenta
black truffle pizza

Special New Year’s beverages, such as sparkling wines and cocktails, will complement the food offerings both upstairs and down.

Please join us.

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New Year’s Eve 2009

New Year’s Eve is a favorite time at Oliveto. The menu is spectacular, the atmosphere is festive, lively music is played, and when the mood strikes there is dancing. This year will be no exception. In fact, the menu is shaping up to be even more tricked out than usual, now that Chef Canales has set his sights on a meal celebrating the wintry, soul satisfying cuisine of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The food of this lesser known, north easternmost region of Italy is exceptionally opulent and alive. Influenced by its neighbors Austria and Slovenia, and inspired by the spice route from Trieste, the cuisine springs from a history of experimentation as well as tradition. Chef Canales’s has created a stellar menu worthy of taking us into the new year:


Salad of mixed radicchio, dried pears, Oliveto lamb prosciutto , and black truffles

Whole-milled Floriani red flint polenta with goose confit, wild mushrooms, and white truffle butter

Golas: Friulian goulash of Magruder Ranch vitello braised with onions, white wine, and sweet & hot paprika

Seafood Option TBD
Vegetarian Option TBD

Crispy poppy seed crespelle with caramelized apples and vin santo ice cream


Please call for reservations: 510-547-5356


Harry and the Twilights, will begin playing around 8:30 pm

Twilights1_480Because they’ve made us so happy in New Year’s past, we’ve asked Harry and the Twilights to return for New Year’s Eve 2009. They’re young, talented, local, and best of all, really fun. Their well-chosen repertoire of covers ranges widely – from reggae to rockabilly to electric blues. Listen here

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