New Year’s Eve 2009

New Year’s Eve is a favorite time at Oliveto. The menu is spectacular, the atmosphere is festive, lively music is played, and when the mood strikes there is dancing. This year will be no exception. In fact, the menu is shaping up to be even more tricked out than usual, now that Chef Canales has set his sights on a meal celebrating the wintry, soul satisfying cuisine of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The food of this lesser known, north easternmost region of Italy is exceptionally opulent and alive. Influenced by its neighbors Austria and Slovenia, and inspired by the spice route from Trieste, the cuisine springs from a history of experimentation as well as tradition. Chef Canales’s has created a stellar menu worthy of taking us into the new year:


Salad of mixed radicchio, dried pears, Oliveto lamb prosciutto , and black truffles

Whole-milled Floriani red flint polenta with goose confit, wild mushrooms, and white truffle butter

Golas: Friulian goulash of Magruder Ranch vitello braised with onions, white wine, and sweet & hot paprika

Seafood Option TBD
Vegetarian Option TBD

Crispy poppy seed crespelle with caramelized apples and vin santo ice cream


Please call for reservations: 510-547-5356


Harry and the Twilights, will begin playing around 8:30 pm

Twilights1_480Because they’ve made us so happy in New Year’s past, we’ve asked Harry and the Twilights to return for New Year’s Eve 2009. They’re young, talented, local, and best of all, really fun. Their well-chosen repertoire of covers ranges widely – from reggae to rockabilly to electric blues. Listen here