Oliveto New Year’s Eve 2019 Menu

New Year’s Eve 2019

We’re hopeful — and we’re certainly going to celebrate.

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Chef Brian’s New Year’s Eve Menu

Gnocco fritto with lonza and truffle vinaigrette

Stuzzichino (choose one)
Oyster with beet and horseradish crema
Asian pear with fennel and lime

Antipasto (choose one)
Water buffalo tartara with pickled celery root, Satsuma mandarin-nettle oli, and cracker
Crab salad with endive, citruses, Caprino cheese, grapefruit vinaigrette, and squid ink brioche

Primo (choose one)
Lobster risotto with Chanterelle mushrooms, sweet potato, and black truffle
Paprika vodka gnocchi with egg mimosa, Ossetra caviar, and horseradish broth
Chestnut rigatoni with Black Trumpet mushrooms, orange, pickled red onion, and Pecorino cheese

Secondo (choose one)
Seared scallops with California sweet rice, crab broth, grapefruit crisp and juice, sorrel, and celery salsa

To be announced

~$135 per person ~ Wine pairing: $76 per person~
A service charge of 20% will be added ~ $25 corkage

Reserve online now, or call 510-547-5356


This Just In: The Season’s Frist Asparagus

The First of the Spring Asparagus is in the Kitchen

A quick note to herald in the changing of seasons. The asparagus this early spring are particularly sweet and delicious. They’re grown in the Salinas Valley, supplied to us by long trusted farmer Martin Bournhonesque. The season came 10 days early this year. Martin thinks that the proximity to the sea is in part responsible for their flavor.

“Sparrow Grass”, as it was commonly called in England, has been eaten by humans for centuries. Originally found growing wild, there are records of it from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Highly nutritious and low in calories, these perennial spears were cultivated for their gastronomic, medicinal, and even aphrodisiacal virtues.

We’re serving them simply, blanched and sautéed with olive oil.

Reserve Online or Call 510.547.5356

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Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu 2018

Valentine’s Day Dinner 2018

We googled Saint Valentine to see if there was
anything worth writing about. Turns out there really
isn’t, but we think you’ll like this menu.

Kushi oyster with blood orange gelée and shiso


Parfait of Dungeness crab, winter citrus, and avocado
Soup:  vellutata of wild mushrooms with Perigord truffle crema


Tortelli di zucca with crumbled Amaretti cookies, brown butter,
and sage
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto of Maine lobster with fines herbes and
Pecorino Romano cheese



Butter-poached Maine lobster with celeriac crema, Black Trumpet
mushrooms, and smoked trout roe spumante


Due of Liberty Farms duck:  breast and sausage with rainbow chard
and Seville orange mostarda


Choice of desserts.  tba


Prix Fixe Menu

95. per person

A 20% pre-tax Service Charge will be added.


Reserve Online or Call 510.547.5356

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New Year’s Eve Dinner 2017

New Year’s Eve Ball in Time’s Square

New Year’s Eve Dinner 2017

We’re ready for a new year, the menu is complete,
come join us on Sunday December 31st to celebrate.


Prix Fixe Menu
First seating (5:00 – 6:15), four courses $95
Second seating (7:45 – 9:15), five courses $130


Stuzzichino  Smoked salmon-stuffed gougères


Antipasto  (choose one)
Dungeness crab and winter citrus salad with watercress and avocado
Salad of roast winter vegetables with töcco di noci, fried garlic, and lemon


Primo (choose one)
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with Perigord truffle
Tortelloni of Fontina Val d’Aosta with truffle honey and candied walnuts


First Seating:

Secondi (choose one)

Pan-roasted salmon with soubise, candied carrots, and caviar spumante


Due of Liberty duck:  pan-roasted breast and sausage with sunchoke crema and saba


Roast Piedmontese ribeye of beef with long-cooked onions, barley, and truffle sugo


Second Seating:

Secondi di Pesce (choose one)

Pan-roasted salmon with soubise, candied carrots, and caviar spumante


Pan-roasted truffle-studded scallop with salsify purée, fingerling potatoes, and old aceto balsamico


Secondi di Carne (choose one)

Due of Liberty duck:  pan-roasted breast and sausage with sunchoke crema and saba


Roast Piedmontese ribeye of beef with long-cooked onions, barley, and truffle sugo



Choice between two special desserts.  tba


Reserve Online or Call 510.547.5356

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Valentine’s Day Menu

Treat yourself and your loved ones! Chef Jonah’s menu for Valentine’s day consists of four courses of indulgent delights: truffles, crab, Chanterelles, lobster. Hearts will beat wildly, cares soothed away, and love, hopefully, will grow.


Stuzzichino: Perigord truffle and Parmesan cheese gougère

Salad of Dungeness crab, winter citrus, and avocado


Soup: vellutata of Chanterelle mushrooms with essence of Madeira

Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with Perigord truffles and Fontina Val d’Aosta cheese


Saffron chitarra pasta with Maine lobster, fines herbes, and bergamot

Liberty Farms duck two ways with Medjool date-studded gratinata and Calvados sugo


Pan-roasted black sea bass with Black Trumpet mushroom crema, salsify, and spumante

Devil’s food chocolate cake with hazelnut filling, chocolate frosting, and vanilla ice cream


Passionfruit tart of passionfruit curd, shortbread crust, raspberry meringues, and toasted meringue



A 20% Pre-Tax Service Charge Will Be Added

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Whole Hog menu is complete!

Piglets2smallerReserve now.

Whole Hog Dinners 2015
March 3–7, 2015

We’ve got our hogs ready to go and our menu finalized. Get ready for a feast of epic, delicious proportions.

Antipasti: smaller items, soup, and salads


Affetati misti: large array of house-cured, aged salumi

Burrata cheese with house-cured prosciutto, candied walnuts, and old aceto balsamico

Minestra of pork, barley, and escarole

Crostino of “young” lonza with swordfish tonnato, capers, and lemon

Country pâté with brioche crostini and spring onions

Garden lettuces vinaigrette


Terrina of pork trotters with Puy lentils, frisée, and mustard vinaigrette

Salad of first-of-season asparagus, pancetta, torn bread, and Parmesan cheese

Charcoal-grilled Italian-style sausage with escarole and breadcrumbs

Fritto of battered pig’s ears with bagna cauda, green garlic, and spring onions

Charcoal-grilled pork heart with ragù of beans, Castelvetrano olives, and rosemary

Cassuola of Gigande beans braised with pork skin



Potato gnocchi with whey-braised pork

Cavatelli with pork ragù allʼabruzzese

Fusilli bucati with garlic pork sausage, Manila clams and turnip greens

Tortellini of mortadella in rich pork brodetto

Agnolotti dal plin of pork offal


Secondi: grills, sautées, and rotisserie

Cinta Sonoma alla Caja China: Cinta pig roasted in a box

Spit-roasted house-cured ham

Due of boudins: blanc and noir with house-fermented sauerkraut

Roast pork “osso buco” with roast potatoes, broccoli di ciccio, and salsa verde

Spit-roasted, pancetta-wrapped pork tenderloin





Plus, we’ll be offering these special menu items each day of the week:

Tuesday, March 3
Porchetta: layers of boneless pork middle, fat, skin, rolled in savory, moist, boneless pork meat and spit-roasted over wood

Wednesday, March 4
Front Porch Farms Cinta celebration

Thursday, March 5
 Saucisson en croûte: a lovely French-style pork sausage, wrapped in puff pastry, baked in a terrine and served warm

Friday, March 6
Zampone: the prized Modenese dish of boned pig’s trotter, stuffed with highly seasoned ground pork meat, rind, sinew, and fat, which is then trussed and cooked in broth

Saturday, March 7
Bollito misto: various cuts of meat and sausages, cooked and served in a rich pork broth and accompanied by multiple herby and full-flavored salsas

call 510-547-5356 or reserve online

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New Year’s Eve 2014


Stuzzichini: tartufati

Choice of:
of lobster with vanilla-orange zabaglione
Torchon of duck liver with old aceto balsamico and poached pear
Antipasto of roasted winter vegetables with Castelmagno cheese

Choice of:
with Dungeness crab, lemon, and tarragon
Tortelli di zucca with brown butter and amaretti cookies
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with optional white truffles shaved table side

(second seating only)
Local Dungeness crab cake with white truffle aïoli

Choice of:
Pan-roasted sea bass with salsify crema, malted wheat berries, roast carrots, and old aceto balsamico
Liberty Farms duck three ways: pan-roasted breast, sausage, and confit-riso nero arancini; rainbow kale and kumquat sugo
Piedmontese beef Wellington with Chanterelle mushrooms, creamed nettles, and black truffle sugo

Gianduja with smoked creme anglaise
Acquerello rice pudding with slow roasted pineapple

Early Seating
5pm – 6pm

Late Seating
7:45pm – 10pm

Phone reservations ONLY 510-547-5356

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More truffles in December!

Truffle guy_400

Our annual truffle dinner just ended, and the event was a huge success. As we told you last month, this fall was a banner year for truffles — their quantity and quality are out of this world. In fact, we’re so in love with this year’s truffles that we’re going to have two truffle dinner revivals: December 11–13 and December 19–21.

We’ll be featuring three truffle dishes on this menu. Last month’s mortar and pestled truffles were such a hit, we’re bringing those back. The white truffles will be ground up with fresh, piquant olio nuovo and then slathered on grilled beef vitello. In addition, we’ll be serving truffle spumante alongside a poached egg topped duck confit-potato hash cake as well as a tajarin with sage butter and, of course, plenty of truffles!

But this truffle dinner isn’t the whole story. We’ll also be continuing to shave truffles over all of our menu items for the entire month of December.

Make your reservations for next week’s truffle dinner soon. Seats will go quickly!

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2014 Dinners for Truffles & Autumn Mushrooms 2014


Tuesday, November 18th through Friday, November 21st Saturday, November 22nd


Prices will be similar to our regular dinner menu.
White truffles shaved table side $6/gram.

Cold antipasti

Torchon of duck liver with poached pear, hazelnuts, and black truffle
Antipasto of roast root vegetables with Castelmagno cheese and bagna cauda
Crudo of fluke with black truffle, shaved artichoke, and Chalk Hill olio nuovo
Terrina of pigeon and duck liver with grilled crostino and old aceto balsamico
Garden lettuces vinaigrette

Warm antipasti
Sformatino of Italian chestnuts with roast Pink Lady apples and black pepper honey
Crispy sweetbreads with wild mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, and Madeira
Poached farm egg with duck confit-potato hash cake and sage
Fonduta Val d’Aosta with charcoal-grilled crostini and white truffle butter
Pan-roasted scallops with potato purée, broccoli di ciccio, and truffle spumante
Crespelle of Dungeness crab with stinging nettles and black truffle
Soup: vellutata of Chanterelle mushrooms with truffle zabaglione

Tajarin al burro
Tortelli of celeriac with sage
German Butterball potato gnocchi with vin santo-duck liver sugo
Malted barley tagliatelle with ragù of rabbit
Acquerello Carnaroli risotto with Parmesan cheese and black truffle butter
Agnolotti dal plin with fonduta Val d’Aosta
Pici with ragù of Magruder lamb

Secondi: grills, sautés, and rotisserie
Pan-roasted striped bass with bacalà fritti, salsify, and sunchoke crema
of turkey and root vegetable with puff pastry and turkey sugo
Truffled rabbit boudin blanc with braised cabbage, apples, and poultry sugo
Potato-wrapped, sausage-stuffed pigeon with celeriac crema, Lacinato kale, and olio nuovo
Charcoal-grilled bone-in ribeye with roast potatoes, bone marrow, and Madeira sugo (for two)
Roast lamb chops with Floriani red flint polenta, Cipolline onions, and lamb sumo
of wild mushrooms, Delicata squash, Parmesan cheese, fonduta, and sage

Milk and honey: honey and fior di latte sorbetto
Winter squash ice cream with spiced nuts
Tarte Tatin with black truffle ice cream
Bittersweet chocolate cake with truffle crema inglese
Cheese cake with chestnut crust
Bianco mangiare

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Late Season Tomato Dinners: September 23–26


Tuesday, September 23 through Friday, September 26

It’s turned out to be another one of those years, where the Tomato Dinners have come and gone and a month later the tomatoes are still going and going, and we feel inclined to do it all over again. So…we are.

This time around it will be a bit more contained: a six-course prix fixe offering to celebrate the latter half of this year’s tomato bumper crop and highlight some of our favorite varieties. The menu has yet to be finalized but will look something like this:

Salad of heirloom tomato and melon with anise hyssop, crème fraîche and pink peppercorn


Rigatoni with fontina Val D’Aosta, Early Girl tomato and breadcrumbs


Tortellini of smoked tomato conserva with roasted poultry brodo

Tomato-poached petrale sole with Butter beans, lipstick peppers, and lemon agrumato (vegetarian option available)

Charcoal-grilled pigeon with slow-roasted Early Girl tomato, lacinato kale and salsa rosa


Black pepper cannoli with house-made ricotta, Parmesan cheese, Early Girl tomato and basil pesto


Buttermilk panna cotta with melon granita, Early Girl tomato coulis, and candied Sungold tomato


$65 per person

Please join us!

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