August 26, 2012

Le Marche is a hilly if not mountainous region on the east coast of Italy growing grapes, grains, and olives, but also rich with game, nuts, and wild greens that can provide an abundance of food to the knowledgeable forager. Along the coastline of the Adriadic Sea, Le Marche has numerous fishing ports and boasts a healthy fishery teaming with cuttlefish, mullet, codfish, bream, sole, mussels and clams.

Cuisine here remains rooted in the peasant tradition. Low fuss and fresh ingredients are a hallmark, and when it comes to home cooking, much, if not all is made from what can be gathered from the wild.

Cavolfiore alla fanese
cauliflower with olives, capers, and lemon

Marchese-style lasagne with pork, tomato, and mushrooms

Brodetto all’anconetana
celebratory seasonal multi-fish soup from Ancona

(a recipe from our friend Jessica Theroux’s book Cooking With Italian Grandmothers)
Usha’s Apple Cake
Rum pudding studded with apples baked into a shortbread crust

Prix fixe $40.

Served family-style. For groups of one to twelve. Whole table must order prix fixe menu. A modest and appropriate regional wine will be available as perfect accompaniment to the meal. Please join us!

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