March 31, 2013


Tarta pascualina, a savory spinach pie, enjoys popularity in both Argentina and Uruguay. Italian immigrants who voyaged to South America to gamble on a new life brought with them the recipe for this tasty and filling pie. The tarta pascualina’s origins lie specifically in the region of Liguria, Italy, where the dish can be traced back to the 16th century.
Traditionally eaten during Lent, this meatless dish contains a number of eggs, a Christian symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The eggs are cracked directly into the flavorful filling of spinach and ricotta cheese, and after a stint in the oven, they emerge as hardboiled eggs baked into the pie. Although associated with the period leading up to Easter, the tarta pascualina may be enjoyed at any time of year.
Torta pascualina’s origins lie in the Liguria region of Italy, where it can be traced back to the 16th century. Italian immigrants brought over the recipe to Argentina and Uruguay, where it became very popular as a Lenten dish because it contains no meat. Eggs are cracked directly into the filling, and emerge as hardboiled eggs baked into the pie.

Torta Pascualina
Savory Easter pie with eggs, swiss chard, leeks, and asparagus

Ravioli di Ricotta al Pesto
Ricotta-stuffed ravioli in pesto sauce

Arrosto di Agnello con Stufato di Fagioli e Oliva
Spit-roasted leg of lamb with a stew of cannellini beans and olives


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