Tuesday, February 19 through Saturday, February 23


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The idea: Continuing the progression of the 2012 Whole Hog menu’s movement away from the over-the-top pig orgy, commonplace in many current whole-animal dining experiences, and towards a dinner more respectful of the whole animal and more representative of the original concept for Oliveto’s special dinners: the tradition of very poor farm families slaughtering their treasured hog in winter time and preparing a number of products that could last throughout the year. Pure flavors, unassuming presentation.

The 2013 Whole Hog Dinners will be taking a more refined approach. The menu itself will offer a visual component locating what part of the animal the dishes are made from, giving a nod to the importance of traditional butchery practices.

Classic offerings will include: Zampone, a spit-roasted whole leg from a different ranch each night, Boudin noir with sauerkraut, a variety of sausages and cured meats including a house-cured prosciutto aged twenty-four months.

For the five nights of dinners, we’ll use over 2,000 lbs. of pork from eight whole animals.

Update #1: Delivery of 500 lb. pig!

Update #2: Hungarian Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm