Tuesday, February 7, through Friday, February 10

This year we return to the essential idea of Oliveto’s Whole Hog dinners, honoring the winter season’s tradition of many farm families in Italy who fatten a treasured hog in preparation for the visit from the butcher, preparing it for use throughout the year. There is no animal more giving than the hog.

Smaller items, soup, salads . . .

Selection of fermented salumi

Selection of cured whole cuts: coppa, prociutto, pancetta, lomo, lonza

Frittuli: preserved Calabrian confit of skin and trim with Cannellini beans, frisée, and lemon

‘nduja di spilinga with wood-grilled crostino: spicy, fresh, spreadable Calabrian salume

Potted ciccioli: spread made from cracklings and rendered pork trim

Coppa di testa: head cheese

Fegatelli di maiale al finocchio: Tuscan-style grilled fennel-seed-crusted pork liver and crostini

Cotiche e fagioli: pork skin with Chestnut beans braised in tomatoes

Favata: oup of pork and dried white Fava beans

Garden lettuces vinaigrette

Chicories with pancetta, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette


Penne alla norcinapenne pasta with Umbrian pork sausage, garlic, cream, and Pecorino cheese

Fusilli con soffritto maiale: Calabrian ragù of heart, liver, and kidney

Polenta e salciccia: Floriani Red Flint corn polenta with sliced salami cotto

Agnolotti dal plin: raviolini with ground pork filling

Pappardelle con maiale di lattepappardelle pasta with milk-braised pork

Bucatini alla carbonara: pasta with egg yolks, guanciale, Pecorino, and black pepper

Sagne chine: Calabrian lasagne consisting of marble-sized meatballs and tomato

Grills, sautés, and rotisserie

Cassoeula: Lombardian cabbage and pork stew to celebrate the feast of St. Anthony

Zampone con lenticchiecotechino-stuffed trotter with lentils

Polpette e polenta: meatballs with Floriani Red Flint corn polenta

Porchetta al rosmarino: spit-roasted pork middle seasoned with rosemary and fennel seed

Arrosto di maiale: spit-roasted pork leg served over roasted vegetables

Nodino alla Veneziana: salt-cured chops marinated with chili flake and coriander, pressed under a brick

Involtino of Swiss chard with saffron farotto, Black Trumpet mushrooms, and Parmesan cheese

Roast hen al mattone with preserved Meyer lemon, Calabrian chili, and Yellow Finn potatoes

Fish: AQ

Rosemary-prosecco sorbetto with Cesare’s torta di nocciole
Blood orange ice cream-larded cialdone sandwiches
Strutto-basted pear and walnut streudel with vin santo ice cream
Kumquat gelee, grapefruit segments, grapefruit-Campari granita, and moscato zabaglione
Tuscan bread and lardo pudding with two-year-brandied Sonoma French prunes
Bittersweet chocolate cake
Sanguinaccio: first day (multiple regions) spiced blood and fruit sausage