tomatoes 2009

Early-Season Dinners
August 23 – August 26

Late-Season Dinners
September 13 – September 16

In bountiful northern California, every tomato season delivers a sudden inundation of all types and varieties of tomatoes, where cooks can count on a particular tomato for every imaginable use. When Oliveto sets a date for its yearly tomato dinners, mid- to late-August seems a fairly safe bet; sometimes we go for early September when we’re feeling cautious.

But this year has been straight-up weird. True summer temperatures have been sporadic; there was rain in July! A real local tomato season has yet to begin, and most farmers can only speculate on when their first bumper crops will materialize. (One of the many downsides of a crazy season like this one is an inevitable glut, which will force farmers to slash prices.)

So we’ll be trying something new this year: a set of Early-Season Dinners (August 23 through August 26) featuring the earlier ripening varieties, and half a month later a set of Late-Season Dinners (September 13 through September 16).

From a chef’s perspective, great cooking is about responding to ingredients, and this season will be loaded with challenges for Chef Jonah. We’ll keep you updated on how the season(s) progress and what it means for Jonah as the menu begins to take shape.

August or September, there will be stand-out tomatoes to make each menu terrific. Book now.

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