Established 1992

Sonoma County Poultry was founded in 1992 by Jim Reichardt, a fourth-generation duck farmer, in response to chef demands for a larger, meatier, more   flavorful duck.

Owner Jim Reichardt

Owner Jim Reichardt


Liberty Ducks are a strain of Pekin Duck that was developed in Denmark and is suited to a slower, less stressful style of rearing. This results in a market age of about 9 weeks as opposed to six weeks for other commercially grown birds.

Normally, birds are in close quarters. There is a big fear of disease. Jim raises ducks at a relative low density and does NOT administer any antibiotics.

The temperate climate of Sonoma County allows for raising Liberty Ducks year-round, on straw litter, in an open environment with minimum intrusion. They are fed a diet that consists largely of corn and other grains.

Length of relationship with Oliveto

15 years


15 acres in Two Rock, Sonoma County




Many restaurants in the Bay Area and across the nation