Shelley’s finding her slice

Oliveto’s beloved maitre d’ and GM Shelley Mulhall’s last evening at the restaurant will be this Saturday, September 29th. For those who’ve gotten to know and appreciate her—her gracious and knowledgable presence in the dining room and true concern for the comfort and enjoyment of her customers—the next few days would be a good time to stop by, wish her the best, and bid her adios. For she and her Irish husband Seamus will be heading off to a new life in Galicia Spain, making her departure at once heartbreaking and joyful for us and those who know her.

Shelley Mulhall’s lovely, genuine face has been known about the San Francisco and East Bay food scene for some time now, ever since she moved from Southern California to San Francisco, where she helped open McCormick & Kuleto’s and Boulevard. After working at Farallon and Jardinière, she came to the East Bay to become manager at Chez Panisse, before she and Seamus established their own restaurant on Park Blvd, a gem of a place in every possible way, right down to its name, The Growlers’ Arms. Its superb food, exquisitely detailed setting, and wonderful service weren’t enough to overcome the “riddle of popularity”––a travesty of the first order.

Shelley came to Oliveto in the fall of 2015, and we’ve been lucky to have had her in our midst for a precious 3 years.

Now she and Seamus have found their perfect place in Galicia, in the northwestern-most part of Spain, with rooms and small guest houses for vacationers and groups who need the right spot for small retreats. In the heart of the green part of Spain, bordering on Portugal, near fine beaches and beautiful rivers, with the Camino de Santiago pilgrims’ route traversing it, boasting a cuisine the great chefs of Bilbao admire, the gorgeous Santiago de Compostela and other medieval towns and cities, myriad intact Roman constructions, cycling routes, vineyards and wineries, their guest accommodations will be ready for travelers beginning in May 2019. You can reach them at


Online or Call 510.547.5356