Established 1998


Ryan and Miles MacDonnell

In the early 1980s Bob and Jan MacDonnell moved from an urban part of the Bay Area and bought their first parcel of land that would one day become Round Pond Estate. The second generation of MacDonnell are now working the farm.


Olives are pressed by variety in either a stone mill or hammer mill. Utilizing two different pressing methods allows for extracting contrasting characteristics that make it possible to create singular oils with unique charm, depth and complexity.

Each of the six varieties of olive is pressed separately, and each variety is pressed in a distinct manner.


Olive harvest is in late November or December. Olives are milled within 1.5 hours, then stored in stainless steel tanks topped with nitrogen. The oil is bottled in February or March.

The timing of the harvest is almost as important to ensuring great olive oil as the selection and cultivation of the olive trees. For months leading up to harvest the fruit is tasted daily, and the ripeness of each tree is monitored.


Excellence is achieved through a seamless blend of Old World traditions and state-of-the-art innovation. All fruit is organically or sustainably farmed and hand-harvested. Though the mill is equipped with the finest modern technology, all blending and bottling are performed by hand in order to ensure the highest levels of quality. They craft products that are pure and healthful and believe in being caring and thoughtful stewards of the land and the greater environment of which they are a part.


Imported Mediterranean olive trees.

Master blending only happens in small lots, and bottling only on demand

Length of relationship with Oliveto

several years


450 acres in Rutherford, Napa County


Olive oils

Other products: red wine vinegars, citrus syrups, wine


California Olive Oil Council