On Wednesday we drove up to Winters, CA to help with the harvest of our Red Flint corn. First, we did some hand-picking in hopes of selecting some quality seed for next year’s planting. Lesson learned: hand-harvesting corn is hard (and itchy) work! Thankfully, the John Deere 9600 combine showed up and helped out with the rest of the five acres.

This corn is known for making some of the very best polenta. We’ll be using it in the cafe and also plan to have some for sale through our Community Grains project. To learn more about the forming of a local grain economy here in northern California, come by the Rockridge Street Fair on Sunday, Sept. 26th. Oliveto co-owner, Bob Klein, will talking about Community Grains at 2:20pm on the Chef Stage and serving some of this delicious polenta with rag├╣.