While sourcing local grains we found Joe Vanderliet, a miller in Woodland, CA who is producing a very different whole-milled wheat; more like white flour in texture, but with maximum flavor and nutrients. We’ve been using it in some of our pastas and pastries with delicious results, and now we’ve started pizza trials in the Oliveto Cafe.

In collaboration with master baker Craig Ponsford, Chef Canales has been relearning every step of the pizza making process with this very different flour. Craig founded Artisan Bakery in Sonoma, was the first American winner of the French and Specialty Breads category of France’s 1996 Coupe du Monde de la Boulabngerie, and now, having been completely won over by this “new” flour is working for Joe Vanderliet.

This has been an extremely fun and informative process for everyone involved and we’re eager to share what we’ve learned so far. Results of our kitchen trials may change your opinion of whole grain wheat. Come tell us what you think of our trial whole-milled wheat pizzas in the cafe through the month of July.