Every Monday – Thursday in the Cafe

8:30 pm – 10 pm

After perfecting our whole-grain pizza dough, Chef Canales decided to take it one step further and concocted the geniusness that is Pizza Gufo. Simple and fresh, we’ll be serving it the Cafe along with some other smaller plates and some affordable glass wines later in the evenings. We’re thinking this is the perfect time to pop in for a drink, sit out on the patio, kick back, and have a gufo, you know?

Cafe Oliveto Gufo Menu

Pizza Gufo  5.
Salume fino & Cacio di Roma cheese plate  7.
Salad of seasonal greens  5.
Soup  5.

Biscotti  1.50
Beignet with crème anglaise  2.50

Red wine  5.
White wine  5.
Well drinks  6.
(season cocktails coming soon)