Oliveto Restaurant has partnered with Meyer Sound Laboratories in an effort to transform the restaurant dining experience. To support our belief that conversation and connection are key elements of a truly satisfying dining experience, Meyer Sound has customized its state-of-the-art Constellation and Libra acoustic systems for our restaurant. Together, these systems enable the restaurant to create the optimum sonic environment for guests. Constellation’s leading edge technology is already acclaimed for creating optimal variable acoustics in such venues as Jazz at Lincoln Center and Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, as well as memorable sonic experiences on tour with artists like Michael Buble and Cirque du Soleil.

Active Acoustics: Constellation

Constellation allows Oliveto to control our sonic ambiance. The Constellation System is a suite of innovative technologies, including room microphones, advanced signal processing, and small self-powered loudspeakers. Working together unobtrusively in the background, these elements shape a room’s acoustics, ensuring diners consistently comfortable conversations, no matter the size of the table or the restaurant occupancy level.

Passive Acoustics: Libra

Libra is a system of custom-designed acoustic wall panels that provide effective sound absorption, which is key to optimal acoustic environments. Each Libra panel — featuring the stunning photography of renowned Bay Area photographer Deborah O’Grady (see above images) — adds an extraordinary visual design element to the room while also playing a crucial role in creating an ideal aural environment.

Working seamlessly together, Constellation and Libra create a multi-sensory dining experience where conversation is heard crisply, without distractions from music, background noise, or voices from neighboring tables. This cutting-edge installation provides a solution for increasingly disruptive restaurant noise, cited in a 2014 Zagat survey as diners’ biggest irritant, enabling guests to relax and enjoy the distinctive and impeccable Oliveto experience.