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Community Grains – All products 100% whole grain

Assorted shape pastas: Pappardelle, Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Torchiette, Pipe Rigate, Fusilli
10 oz for 7.

Identity Preserved, Seeded Hearth Bread – Finish Baking at Home

Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour
4lb for 9.

Organic Summit Hard Red Winter Wheat Flour
2lb for 7. – 4lb for 14.

Whole Grain Organic Patwin Hard White Winter Wheat Flour
2lb for 7. – 4lb for 14.

Mr. Espresso Coffee Products – Organic and Fair Trade, Roasted in Oakland, CA

Neapolitan Espresso: dark chocolate, hazelnut, caramel. Roast level: medium-dark

Seven Bridges Blend: velvety body, complex sugars, sweet acidity. Roast level: medium-dark

Decaf House Blend: smooth, well balanced, medium body. Roast level: medium-dark