A chance to taste something rare.


An old friend.

Even with its uncommonly finicky personality, Nebbiolo has had a long-term romance with the water, soil, and wind of Italy, and only of Italy — for some reason, it doesn’t fulfill its potential in other climes. And while many wines are fruit forward and quick to please, Nebbiolo wines take their time to blossom. Years of careful (and expensive) storage are required for Nebbiolo wine’s structure to relax, for its tannins to soften, and for its inner beauty to come forth.

Time is precious, and therefore Italian wines made from Nebbiolo grapes are costly. For many of us, such wines are generally not for ordinary days. We’d like to drop the price barrier to experiencing these rare wines.

As part of our Oliveto Commons series of events, we’re happy to be holding a tasting, led by our General Manager Shane Walker. It will consist of four wines of notable vintage from what NYT wine and food critic Eric Asimov calls Oliveto’s “brilliant list of aged Nebbiolo wines”.

Priced modestly, the tasting is an accessible way to become acquainted with Nebbiolo.  A select bottle of aged wine will also be available at wholesale price for those who would like to dine with us afterward.

Wednesday, March 25th, 6:15 pm to 7 pm. Tickets ($30) are available on Eventbrite.

This event is part of Oliveto Commons, a series of community programs with the mission of inspiring a shared sense of possibility, purpose, and unity throughout Oliveto and the community to which we belong. Please see our full list of spring events.