It is two weeks to our Oceanic Dinners, and so we look to the sea to find our menu. A few days ago, we met with Tom Worthington of Monterey Fish Market to find out what we might expect from its capricious, briny depths.

He told us that the Pacific has been warmer than usual, and the winds, which “scrub” the ocean’s surface and cause an upwelling of the plankton that supports our local fisheries, have come late. Alas, no squid, and the sardine fishery has closed for the year. Both of these are usually available by now.

That said, there’s plenty of other beautiful creatures to share. Locally, the sand dabs are excellent right now, as are the Petrale sole, salmon, and white sea bass. Jonah and Tom are now casting their eyes further out, to distant waters.  We’ve got tuna on our minds, bonito, albacore, and blue fin, some of which we may smoke. According to Tom, there are these “weird clams” from the East Coast. From Alaska, halibut. Such riches.

Now we know more, and Jonah’s thinking about what he’d like to serve.

Our 14th Annual Oceanic Dinners take place June 16th-19th. (Note: due to the Warrior’s Championship series we’re moving the Oceanic Dinners back one week, now they will occur Tuesday June 23rd through Friday June 26th.)

Call (510) 547-5356 or reserve online.