Oceanic Dinners 2017:
Oliveto’s Yearly Culinary Sea Fever

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
reserve early online or call 510.547.5356

Last week, the initial meeting between Tom Worthington of SF-based Monterey Fish Market and Chef Jonah and Sous Chefs Antoine and Brian took place in our dining room.

In under an hour Tom described much of what the chefs needed to know about the sustainably caught or harvested fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and so on that will be available to them at the end of June so they can start to plan their menu.

Jonah et al. change our menu often, so our dishes never lose their freshness. But these dinners will give them the chance to use scores of exceptional fish, the best available in the world, and create something uniquely special and exciting for our diners as well as satisfying and fulfilling for themselves.

Here is the preliminary (understandably incomplete—the oceans are unpredictable) list from which they’ll build a menu:

Alaskan halibut
Octopus (local and Spanish)
Albacore (possibly)
Shellfish—mussels, Manila clams, razors (and more, probably)
Uni (possibly)
Black sea bass
Mackerel, Sierra and Boston
Coon-stripe shrimp
Abalone (little guys)
Shad roe—Connecticut R. or Columbia R.
Sand dabs (possibly)
Monkfish and livers
King salmon
Tuna blood line
Grass shrimp
Spot shrimp

We’ll send updates (and factoids) to keep you informed about Oceanic Dinners 2017 as the event takes form.

reserve online or call 510.547.5356

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