Oliveto’s Oceanic Dinners 2017
Scores of Different Fish, Crustaceans, and Mollusks

…Including Sand Dabs!

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
reserve early online or call 510.547.5356

For 136 Years Jack’s on Sacramento St. served sand dabs to San Franciscans who loved the delicate flavor of this little, local flatfish. Fifty years ago (gasp), my father took me there as a special treat, and that’s when I had my first taste of what is now my favorite fish.

Capt. Steve Fitz of the Mr. Morgan (below) out of Pillar Pt. Harbor promises sand dabs for our oceanic dinners. His catchment method, the Scottish seine, and the sand dab’s behavior of schooling as a single species, make by-catch minimal and leave the sandy ocean bottom relatively undisturbed.

As for the bones—the reason ichthyoanginaphobics* don’t cook this delicious fish at home—removing them from an 8 ounce fish is all about expertise in preparing the fish for cooking. We’ve got that covered.

*people who are afraid of choking on a fishbone

– Maggie Klein

reserve online or call 510.547.5356