Atlantic bonito, Sarda sarda

Tuesday June 27 through Friday June 30
reserve early online or call 510.547.5356

The Menu is still in the planning stages, but here are a few items that will be among Chef Jonah’s offerings.

Crudo of charred bonito with Santa Rosa plums, malted wheat berries,
green coriander, and bottarga
Savory cannoli of king salmon with mascarpone, salmon roe, and
lemon verbena
Carpaccio of house-smoked swordfish with Sicilian pine nut salsa, new
potatoes, and mint
Brasato of cod tripe and Cannellini beans with artichoke and hot pepper

Fungo with smoked shad, English peas, and mint crema
Spaghetti alla carbonara with sea urchin

Charcoal-grilled pancetta-wrapped sardines alla livornese with roast
fennel and Bianco di Maggio onions

reserve online or call 510.547.5356