France is victorious

The Underdog Dinners

Celebrating World Cup Victors This Week

The finals this weekend were exceptional games, and the order of underdogs is in. They will be simple 3-course $40 prix fixe menus, alongside our regular à la carte menu.

England (Wednesday July 18)
Chilled Watercress Soup; Bangers & Mash; Spotted Dick
with Crème Anglaise
Belgium (Thursday July 19)
Shrimp Croquettes; Mussels and Wine; Belgian Liège Waffles
with Speculoos
Croatia (Friday July 20)
Stuffed Peppers; Squid Ink Risotto; Fritule
France (Saturday July 21)
Salad of Roasted Vegetables ProvençalBouillabaisse; 
Chocolate Religieuse


For those who missed the Bastille Day dinner this past Saturday night, Amina Edris, an extraordinary rising star soprano from New Zealand, gave a surprise performance of La Marseillaise. When she started to sing we could see jaws drop and awe–I don’t think anybody expected that level of performance. We were honored to have her here and loved the surprise, maybe we’ll do more of them.

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Paris erupts in celebration