Downstairs in the rosticceria, the kitchen’s been looking outwards from the vantage point of an Italian hearth, to Africa, Mexico, and the Middle East, and infusing their traditional flavors into our downstairs menu.

Above photographed is something we’ve been calling a chocolate Persian mole. The traditional Persian stew fessenjoon, with its combination of pomegranate and walnut, is so like Mexican mole, with its similar of fruit and nuts, we tried adding raw cacao to tasty effect! Neither too sweet nor too chocolate-y, this hearty sauce is absolutely wonderful on top of our spit-roasted Hoffman Farm chicken, and we’re planning on offering it fairly regularly.

Other items, new and wonderful, made with our own spice blends, include:

North African-style beef stew with cinnamon, Cayenne pepper, Ceci beans, and mint

Mannekish (flatbread) with olives, cucumber, and za’atar

Roast parsnips with ras al hanout and sultanas

Hope to see you for dinner soon!