Established 1979


Paul Johnson, Joan Steele, Tom Worthington

Paul Johnson began as a chef in Berkeley who got into the fish distribution business. He started by selling to a number of restaurants. Tom Worthington joined the business in 1980.


Sustainability. Unreliable fish stock.


They enjoy working with restaurants and watching chefs from different cultural backgrounds approach/prepare the same product. The believe strongly in sustainability and want a healthy ocean for future generations.


They only buy from fisherman who catch their products in a responsible manner. They don’t just sell fish, they write, lecture, and educate. They aim to be more than “just” a fishmonger. They assist fleets of trolling vessels in converting to hook and line fishing which is a much cleaner method. Employees are involved in all facets of the seafood industry. They give priority to hiring people who have previously been involved in some facet of the culinary world. Consultations happen frequently with a diverse group of industry leaders such as representatives from National Marine Fisheries, National Fisheries and Fisherman’s Associations. This network also includes environmental activists, educational and health experts as well as celebrated chefs.

Length of relationship with Oliveto

several years


Wholesale: Pier 33, San Francisco

Retail: 1582 Hopkins Street, Berkeley


Seafood from wild sources, nothing is farmed.


HACCP compliant

All seafood comes from certified waters which are tested by the appropriate state and local health agencies weekly.


Wholesale and retail as well as a number of restaurants.