baby artichokes

Lots of spring firsts at the Derby Street market yesterday. English peas were in full effect at a number of different stands. As were strawberries, asparagus, and the first baby Fava beans…tender enough that you can eat the shell and everything. Chef Jonah and Chef de Cuisine Malachi bought up some lovely purple asparagus and baby artichokes from Riverdog Farm. Starting tonight, most of these things will be on the menu for the next few days:

Salad of spring vegetables with shaved purple asparagus, arugula, and farro

Sauté of young Fava beans in their pods with garlic and fried shallots

Roast hen rolata with fried baby artichokes

Pan-roasted Alaskan halibut with asparagus, baby fava beans and English peas; chervil-spumante sauce

Also of note, just yesterday we received two young goats from Jeannie McCormack. Goat will be on the menu starting on Friday and through the weekend in the following dishes:

Red Flint corn polenta with ragù of goat heart

Roasted goat chop with tenderloin fritto, whey-braised shoulder, eucalyptus scented peas and new potatoes