canales_chanterelles_500Chef Canales with Malcolm’s chanterelles

We’ve been friends with Malcolm for a while now. He started bringing us locally foraged chanterelles ten years ago while he was in law school. He’s graduated from law school & become a lawyer…but he still brings us sensational chanterelles!

When Malcolm shows up, we usually buy everything he’s got. He’s developed & patented a device that cleans & extracts excess water from chanterelles so not only are they exceptionally fresh, they are clean & vibrant.

cleaning_chantrelles_300After the recent heavy rains ended, Malcolm managed to net 20 pounds of chanterelles from a nearby, undisclosed location (we suspect somewhere in the Mt. Diablo area). We bought all 20 pounds.

Chef Canales plans to have them on the menu starting tonight in an antipasti plate of chanterelle conserva, whatever fresh vegetable is the most complementary, and smoked mozzarella di bufala. He’s also planning a pasta dish, perhaps a chanterelle cannelloni.

Given all the recent rain, Malcolm said he thinks we could be in for a “chanterelle bonanza.” We’re crossing our fingers.