Established 1973


Mac Magruder

In the family for five generations, Mac Magruder’s mother grew up on the ranch and Mac’s father grew up in Mississippi, studied as a banker, and then went into the Navy before he married Mac’s mother and took up ranching.

Mac graduated from the University of Washington in 1976 with a degree in sculpture, a profession which he seriously considered pursuing full-time before returning to the ranch. Mac’s father had a substantial pear orchard, but Mac decided on a different route and devoted his energy to cattle.

The prospect of raising cattle the right way held his interest. He found that customers/restaurants were interested in and supportive of what he was doing, which he found affirming.


Calves are typically born in the last winter or early spring, but Mac is beginning to calve in the fall as well. January – March are slow months for slaughtering.


Getting the public to understand that without ranching, we will no longer have open space. Getting the public to understand that you are what you eat. That it is in everyone’s best interest for those who eat beef to eat beef from cattle raised in a healthy manner.


Mac employs a controlled, rotational grazing system, which is a sustainable way to graze. The idea is to take responsibility for the land. He does not use any hormones or antibiotics.


Mac markets cows of different ages. The taste of cow varies with age.

Length of relationship with Oliveto

2 years at time of post


Potter Valley, Mendocino Country


Cattle – 450 head

Secondary products: hill hogs – 100 head, sheep & lamb


Restaurants, individuals who have storage for large cuts