A fair while ago, the Oliveto kitchen looked for locally grown wheat and other grains grown by good farmers and found not one field of grain – not a single amber wave, not even a ripple. The whole sea had moved inland, along with granaries and mills. The industrial grain complex sought uniformity and ease of distribution, and we lost the wealth of flavor, nutrition, and growing knowledge that our region once possessed.

So, Bob Klein, our owner, got curious and enlisted good, wise farmers, bakers, millers, and others to go on a Big Think. Community Grains, a local cooperative of growers and purveyor of fine flours and pastas, was the result.

As our Community Grains continues to build and strengthen our local grain infrastructure, Oliveto continues to support its work.

We invite you to join Community Grains’ upcoming conference at St. George Spirits on April 9th and Oliveto on April 10th, as well as a separate, celebratory Local Grains Dinner presented by Oliveto, featuring our regional bounty of wheat and corn the evening of April 10th. This beautiful meal, courtesy of Chef Jonah, will show off the personality of this most humble, yet most delicious food group.

Local Grains Dinner Reservations
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