Established 1984


Scott Mathieson, Leslie Gardner

Scott’s grandfather bought the farm in the 1960s and raised cattle and Arabian studs here until his death in 1994. Scott visited the farm often as a boy and a eventually moved to the farm to attend college in 1981. He began farming in 1984 and helped nurture the fledgling organic movement. He also served several terms as CCOF chapter President. The CSA was started in 1992 and now numbers 500 supportive community members. We hope that Laguna Farm is a model for the coexistence of agriculture and nature!


Veggie-oil powered tractors. Solar and wind generators. Electric vehicle used for CSA deliveries in Sonoma County.


Certainly, living in a flood plain is a challenge, and agriculture has to be the ultimate in gambling, but the CSA has kept the farm in business and continues to serve the Sonoma County community.


A peaceful coexistence with nature is a joy, as is my dedication to alternative energy systems, and helping to provide a place that consumers can experience their food source.


We are well on our way to providing all of our power needs through solar, wind, and alternative fuels. We believe in the CSA model as a truly sustainable relationship between the farm and the local community.

Community Supported Agriculture Programs

500 member CSA


Laguna Farm is in a flood zone (adjacent to the Laguna de Santa Rosa) and the fields are dormant in the winter. Some land nearby is leased for winter crops.

Future plans

To continue to provide the most vibrant living food that we possibly can, and to continue to explore innovative concepts in the field of alternative energy research.

Length of relationship with Oliveto

Since 1993


Sebastopol, CA


Salad mix, carrots, beets, squashes, broccoli, cabbage, corn, tomatoes, basil and herbs.



Farmers’ markets

Sebastopol, Petaluma, Santa Rosa